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2019 Burning Man

Visit us at our workshops – Become your own guru

Daily Mon – Sat
9 – 11am

Breathing, cold exposure and mindset
Dome 3

We go deep with a profoundly powerful yet simple breathing session, we use cold water immersion to reset your mindbody and free your soul

Get to know the iceman inspired method to activate self-healing and boost consciousness throughout commitment, breathing and cold therapy.
We will lead you through a guided breathing session, give you lots of background information and finish with an ice cold shower.
Start your day fresh and with a new perspective.

5 – 7pm

6 – 8pm

DMT breathwork at Sunset,
High on air
Dome 2

Open your soul and set the right intention for another crazy playa night with a psychedelic breathing session at sunset

Dive and breathe deep to feel past yourself and surroundings, blasting off into realms and spaces that are only meant to be felt.
Mindsetting and intentions open the box for your new self to awaken.

3 – 5pm

Breathwork masters class
Dome 2

Feel the power of breath with experiential learning, destress, decompress, create energy, focus and body awareness with breath

From seal team six to soccer dads to CEOs of tomorrow, one thing regulates their stress response faster than any other tool they have, breath. We’ll be teaching how to use breath to leverage human potential and maximize results. Participants will be shown how to calm down or ramp up their nervous system in this interactive workshop, play and understand with breaths true potential.

12 – 1pm

How to boost flexibility w/ breathholds

Want to become super flexible but can’t get there? We show you a body hack to improve your flexibility and become more healty

In this hands-on workshop you will experience the power of breath holds for boosting flexibility and balance.
We will show you basic yet powerful exercises and how breath holds lead up to increased your flexibility.
You’ll leave with a tool you can easily adopt into daily routines and increase overall well being and health.

Tue & Fri
6 – 7pm

Rising Coffee Consciousness &
Radical Hearts Tea Temple

Get to know the beautiful variety of coffee and how coffee business will change in the future: from the mass drug to a conscious experience

We’ll give an overview of coffee harvesting, coffee drying processes and how the brewing method dramatically changes the taste of the coffee cup. Together, we will enjoy a wonderful specialty coffee and talk about coffee, life, consciousness…